• Workforce engagement software for contact centres

    EvaluAgent is a suite of cloud-based software modules designed to enhance staff performance in multi-channel contact centres.

  • Engage your employees with Gamification for contact centres

    EvaluAgent now includes gamification – the application of game-mechanics to engage and motivate staff to higher levels of performance.

  • Build customer loyalty while reducing costs

    EvaluAgent helps multi-channel contact centres take their performance to the next level by harnessing the skills of their people and the voice of their customers.

  • Optimising multi-channel operations

    It’s not just about calls anymore…
    EvaluAgent helps you to support and manage your people on every customer contact, while optimising the back-office.

How it Helps

We provide software and services that make contact centre employees better at delivering great customer experience

EvaluAgent supports and engages everyone in your business to improve the customer experience.

EvaluAgent is different because our proposition is built around


EvaluAgent features are focused on the needs of your staff


We can tailor EvaluAgent to your exact business needs


We pioneered contact centre gamification

The Cloud

Standalone solution or easily integrated with your legacy systems

We don't just sell contact centre software

Because we've managed contact centre operations ourselves, we know the challenges you face and our implementation service helps to ensure clients always get the promised ROI.

EvaluAgent Modules

EvaluAgent is a modular platform, you simply choose the modules you need and we'll work with you to create a fully tailored solution.

EvaluAgent Contact Centre Gamification

EvaluAgent Contact Centre Gamification

EvaluAgent Quality Monitoring

EvaluAgent Quality Monitoring Software

Help your people measure and improve the service they deliver

EvaluAgent Agent Coaching

EvaluAgent Agent Coaching

Real-time feedback and action-focused coaching

EvaluAgent Customer Surveys

EvaluAgent Customer Surveys

Captures real-time customer feedback across all channels

EvaluAgent First Contact Resolution

EvaluAgent First Contact Resolution

Improve customer loyalty by reducing the effort of doing business with you

Let's do this

EvaluAgent can be up and running in a matter of days.
Get in touch and our team will be happy to discuss how best we can help you.
  • Workforce Optimisation (WFO)

    Workforce optimisation (WFO) entails optimising your contact centre processes and managing front-line staff to achieve higher levels of performance in terms of operational efficiency and customer experience. WFO is effectively the combination of business processes, people, and technology working together to achieve a unified goal – customer-focused efficiency improvement.

    A workforce optimisation suite typically combines quality monitoring, resource planning, customer surveys, and agent-coaching alongside other call centre technology – all within a single integrated software platform to manage contact centre performance. As an integral part of your contact centre strategy it helps you understand more about your customers’ needs and their interactions with customer service agents.

    In order to run a successful enterprise call-centre and back-office operation, you need a strong focus on WFO because it delivers actionable insight that can help optimise the contact centre. With EvaluAgent you can use a suite of integrated software modules and best practice strategies to motivate, engage and manage staff to deliver “wow” customer experiences. You can also use customer insight and analysis of customer-focused metrics like first contact resolution to optimise call centre and back office processes.

    The EvaluAgent WFO platform offers solutions for improving all aspects of customer interaction management – from sales through to service. Ask about a trial today and see for yourself how our vision of the people-focused contact centre could help you to deliver customer-focused efficiency improvements.

  • Workforce Optimisation (WFO) Solutions

    Successful WFO is implemented across both call centre and back office operations in order to give you sight of performance and opportunities for improvement across the complete end-to-end customer experience. And it’s not just limited to your customer service organisation – actionable customer insight and robust analysis of why customers are contacting you can play a major role in supporting channel-shift and contact-optimisation strategies as well as influencing business decisions in other business functions including marketing, logistics and product development.

    With EvaluAgent WFO software as a service, you can take care of both your customers, your staff and your business processes, all at the same time, and all within one single system. Get started in less than 30 days with a unique and refreshing approach to contact centre management in the cloud.

  • WFO Systems

    WFO solutions help to ensure that your contact centre is operating at maximum efficiency with an eye always on customer experience (CX). EvaluAgent lets you streamline people-management processes so that management effort is always focused where it will have the biggest impact on the customer – supporting, coaching and motivating front-line staff. It also gives everyone in your business a complete 360 degree view of customer experiences, allowing for deeper analysis of critical business and customer metrics.

  • EvaluAgent Workforce Optimisation (WFO) Solutions

    Almost all of our enterprise clients have already made an investment in call recording and resource planning, but have not taken the full suite of modules from their current provider because of the exorbitant cost. As a result, they are typically using a combination of paper, spreadsheets and highly manual and labour intensive management processes. Alternatively, they have used the add-on modules but have been disappointed by the over-complicated features and poor after-care support.

    This is the gap in the market that EvaluAgent fills…..

    The EvaluAgent WFO can be integrated with, or simply sit on top of your existing call recording platform to combine best-practice people management strategy and processes with a suite of web-based software modules that can be used to optimise performance across every contact channel including calls, email, chat, letter, social media, and back-office fulfilment.

    Module descriptions with links taken from the modules page with a few minor tweaks

    - Centre Gamification
    - Centre Quality Monitoring
    - Coaching & Feedback
    - Surveys
    - Contact Resolution

  • Cloud Computing & Workforce Optimisation (WFO)

    Cloud computing has had a phenomenal impact on business and customer service organisations. Led by software vendors like salesforce.com, the landscape has changed forever and for the better… But what is it exactly, and what does cloud computing mean for workforce optimisation?

    There's no avoiding the fact that traditional on premise contact centre software is becoming less common, especially as organisations increasingly recognise the cost-saving opportunities and the ability of new market entrants like EvaluAgent who can quickly offer more tailored and flexible solutions in a world of customer service that is itself undergoing rapid change as customers’ expectations and channel preferences evolve. The entire market is shifting away from on premise software and towards a more flexible and cost-effective model of pay-as-you-use.

    Cloud computing relies on delivering business software over the internet from secure servers hosted by the software vendor. With online WFO systems, you totally remove capital expenditure costs and reduce operational costs because you only pay for what you use rather than paying for expensive up-front licenses. Deploying a multitenant platform using a single, common infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained—the definition of cloud computing—makes software cheaper and much easier to adapt to customer needs.