About us

We provide call centres with the software and support they need to engage their agents and deliver a truly great customer experience.

Our Vision

We want to make call centres home to great customer experience

After decades in leading call centre operations and customer experience management, the EvaluAgent team set out to address the challenge of keeping staff motivated, and delivering great customer experience.

We arrived at a simple solution: Workforce Engagement.

The past

The birth of the call centre

It began with Workforce Management

Call centres came into being to drive down the cost of customer service, and as demand for them continued to grow, call centres implemented processes to increase efficiency.

Workforce Management solutions were introduced to make it possible to meet demand through scheduling staff and managing workloads.

The present

Increasing demand and complexity

Then came Workforce Optimisation

To deal with the complexity of multichannel interactions and changing customer expectations. Workforce Optimisation was introduced as a new solution to new problems, but created even bigger ones.

Workforce Optimisation leads to a scientific approach to management that easily forgets the human element of call centre interactions.

Today, call centres are efficiency-obsessed, factory-like, and typically neglect the one thing that they were designed to address - the customer experience.

The future

Happy staff = Happy customers

Introducing EvaluAgent Workforce Engagement

We think efficiency is great, but not at the expense of employee morale. What’s important is an engaged and motivated workforce, not an optimised one.

EvaluAgent Workforce Engagement balances cost and efficiency with the needs of your customers and wellbeing of your staff. Here’s how it works:

Call Centre Gamification

Make employees happier and more motivated

Use game mechanics to drive employee engagement and performance through reward and recognition in a fair and transparent way.

Quality Monitoring & Coaching

Make employees better at delivering great customer experience

Call center quality managemant; measure and improve the service that employees deliver, and highlight opportunities for learning and development.

Call Centre Surveys

Ensure customers are getting a great customer experience

Call center management software that wllows the capture actionable insight across all contact channels to build an accurate picture of the customer experience.

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