Agent Empowerment

How do you motivate millennial agents?

Chris Keelan | April 18, 2016

Millennials make hard-working and loyal employees, but they’re some of the most difficult people to manage and retain. What does this mean for the call centre when motivating millennial agents?

Agent Empowerment

What makes a customer destroy a call centre with a hammer?

Andy Smith | April 11, 2016

We may feel like we understand what a genuinely frustrated customer looks like, but have you heard of anyone actually smashing a call centre to pieces with a hammer?

Customer Experience

Is brand personality lost across digital contact centre channels?

Andy Smith | April 4, 2016

Great customer experience doesn’t come from being able to choose between social, email or phone as a mode of communication - it comes from a personal and human interaction with the brand. What can brands do to ensure interactions over digital channels are of the same quality as traditional ones?

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The Team Leader’s Guide to Motivating Disengaged Agents

A guide for call centre Team Leaders and Managers who want to address attrition and disengagement amongst their teams


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What’s the real cost of agent turnover?

Andy Smith | March 29, 2016

Long-serving agents know the call centre inside out. They have tenure, affinity with their colleagues, and deep understanding of the brand values. So what does a call centre really lose when it comes to high agent turnover?


EvaluAgent wins prestigious Northern Tech Award

Jaime Scott | March 24, 2016

It’s an exciting time for EvaluAgent as we continue to grow, develop and succeed - and as we are continue to be recognised by others for the value we bring to the call centre industry.

Agent Empowerment

The untapped potential of call centre metrics

Andy Smith | March 22, 2016

Call centre metrics have the potential to reveal information about how customers are behaving, how employees are performing, and which elements of a business might need the most attention. But why haven't we unlocked their full potential?

Agent Empowerment

Kickstart call centre engagement with three simple steps

Reg Dutton | March 14, 2016

Call centre engagement creates agents that are happy at work, motivated to be as productive as possible, and are empowered to deliver a great customer. So what exactly can team leaders be doing to engage their agents?

Agent Empowerment

Learn how to identify the five stages of call centre engagement

Jaime Scott | March 8, 2016

Effectively engaging staff means you need to be able to identify just how disengaged they are in the first place - start with figuring out exactly what disengagement looks like. We’ve defined five different levels to call centre engagement and what to look out for.

Agent Empowerment

Resistance is futile: The impact of bad change management on the call centre

Reg Dutton | February 29, 2016

Employee resistance to change creates a tricky challenge for change managers and call centre leaders. Whether the resistance comes in the form of a dip in performance, higher rates of attrition, or even sudden and damaging disengagement. So, what can call centre leaders do to limit resistance and negativity when making necessary and transformative changes to the organisation?

Agent Empowerment

How do you motivate the most disengaged call centre employees?

Andy Smith | February 25, 2016

Disengagement is a real problem for the call centre industry, unfortunately one which shows no signs of suddenly disappearing overnight. Ever-growing expectations from today’s customers coupled with …

Agent Empowerment

The secret to effective call centre communication

Chris Keelan | February 22, 2016

Do you have a new business strategy in place? Perhaps you feel like there’s a disconnect between the vision management has for the company and how agents feel? Here are a few things you can do to guarantee you have an effective call centre communication plan and agents are aligned with your mission

Agent Empowerment

Infographic: Signs of Call Centre Agent Disengagement

Jaime Scott | February 16, 2016

Employee disengagement is a serious problem - a problem that costs the UK economy up to £340bn every year, according to a recent study. Check out our infographic on how to spot the signs of agent disengagement.

Agent Empowerment

The secret to a happy and motivated call centre

Reg Dutton | February 15, 2016

Call centres are going through a considerably challenging period. Agent attrition is on the rise, a 2011 study cites the employee churn in the industry that year at 26%, and since has been reaching levels of up to 30%. So how do you get a motivated call centre when facing challenges like this?

Agent Empowerment

What's the difference between a good Team Leader and a bad one?

Chris Keelan | February 8, 2016

What's the importance of being a good Team Leader? Over the many years I’ve spent in the call centre industry, I’ve learnt how to improve results, increase customer satisfaction and motivate agents.

Agent Empowerment

What can Silicon Valley trends teach the call centre industry?

Rachael McGregor | February 1, 2016

Through focusing on employee happiness, you can create a contact centre that’s enjoyable to work in, and highly profitable. Here are how Silicon Valley’s most successful companies keep their employees happy, engaged and productive.

Agent Empowerment

The key elements to a happy call centre

Jaime Scott | January 27, 2016

You may be asking are the agents in my contact centre really that downtrodden? If they are - what can I do to make them happier? Download our guide to Agent Happiness and find out.

Agent Empowerment

The importance of call centre mindfulness

Chris Keelan | January 25, 2016

It’s hardly the most serene workplace environment, that’s why the potential of call centre mindfulness to help us relax, feel calm, and work to our best ability is absolutely huge.


What does the Contact Centre industry look like in 2016?

Jaime Scott | January 20, 2016

Check out our latest infographic in order to get a real feel for the state of the contact centre industry in 2016.

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