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A cloud-based workforce engagement management platform that helps people within contact centres deliver a superior customer experience.

The EvaluAgent story so far...

Since 2012 we’ve been on a mission to help people within contact centres deliver an outstanding customer experience.

As former contact centre employees, we know how hard it is to consistently deliver great service in an environment of metrics, optimisation and ceaseless repetition. We know the frustrations of having to manage complex spreadsheets, interpret unwieldy management reports, and the struggle of using software that doesn’t really work. We know that learning more about a job often comes down to potluck and sitting next to someone more experienced who might be willing to help out now and again.

We understand that workforce disengagement is the current reality and that the majority of contact centre employees simply want an environment and set of tools that will allow them to do their job to the very best of their ability.

That’s why we have created the world’s first cloud-based, all-in-one workforce engagement management platform. A solution that provides everything your people need to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Our platform is used by contact centres of all sizes; from BPO to boutique, and we’re proud to report higher levels of employee engagement and customer satisfaction for our clients.

Tech and Industry Awards

Our goal of transforming the contact centre industry has also been recognised by a wider audience.

As a proud Northern tech firm, (based in Newcastle, Teeside and St Helens), we’ve won regional business accolades such as the Northern Stars and the GP Bullhound Northern Tech award, and more recently we’ve been recognised on the national scene with a TechMarketViews’ coveted Little British Battler award.

Little British Battler

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Northern Stars

Overall winners

Call Centre Helper

Shortlisted for best technology

Press Coverage

We're proud to have been mentioned by global media outlets


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We are genuinely proud of what we do and hope that you enjoy learning about our company and how we can help your contact centre to deliver the very best customer experience.

We would love to hear your thoughts, so if we haven’t yet met, please take the opportunity to say hello.

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