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Contact centre trends we expect to see take off in 2016

The contact center industry is faced with many challenges at the moment - increasing customer expectations and growing competition means the stakes are high. But there is also the opportunity to innovate the way we do business to get an edge on competitors, and truly deliver a consistent and outstanding customer service.


As customer experience experts, we’ve always got our ear to the ground and strive to know our industry inside out. Here are a few of the trends we expect to see take off for contact centres in 2016:

Great Expectations

Not only are customer expectations showing no signs of slowing down, but the expectations of staff in contact centres are also on the rise and will continue to climb into 2016. This has occurred due to individuals being able to use things like social media and networking to get a feel for the industry, and benchmark against their roles. This will result in a skirmish for talent in the industry and the contact centres who will come out on top will be the ones who can keep staff rewarded, happy and engaged.

Getting Your Homework Done

This is the year the remote working problem is likely to be resolved. The increase in the capability and affordability of cloud technology for the contact centre means many businesses are now able to effectively and securely offer this option to their staff. There will be a challenge for contact centres to measure remote and onsite staff consistently - but with the right investments in work optimisation technology, this can be easily achieved.

The Year of Gamification

2016 will see the year contact centres discover the real potential of gamification for their organisations. The tried and tested methods of traditional motivation schemes have been done to death and are wearing thin on agents, eliciting few results and waning performance. As competitiveness in the market increases, more in the industry will turn to newer, yet proven methods like gamification in order to innovate and gain an edge on their competition.

The contact centre industry is always an exciting one, and it will be interesting to see how the next twelve months play out - but without supporting a culture of empowerment and investing in new innovative methods to engage the workforce, some will undoubtedly come unstuck.

Chris Keelan

Chris Keelan

Client Relationship Manager

After 15 years leading frontline customer service teams for some of the UK's biggest brands and BPOs, and now brings his expertise to EvaluAgent. Chris has a detailed knowledge of the contact centre, with a real passion in helping contact centres to deliver an excellent customer experience through empowering their teams.


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