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Lost in the multichannel maze? An industry benchmark report

Over the last few years it feels as though the contact centre industry has been been teetering on the edge of the golden age of customer service – and the ubiquitous buzzword, ‘multichannel’, has been heralding this new dawn. In reality, the multichannel contact centre is yet to deliver on its promise.

We invited leading contact centres to participate in an industry benchmark report to find out exactly where contact centres are in the ‘multichannel maze’, and more importantly, what they can do to overcome the challenges in the way of delivering a truly next-gen customer experience.

We wanted to find out whether contact centres are simply adding new, digital channels or implementing a genuine multichannel strategy.  We found that while nine in ten offer more than three channels, and just under half offer more than six, just one in ten have a clear strategy in place to integrate these channels and have successfully implemented the right systems and processes to meet it.

We found that many newer channels lack metrics and fail to collect customer feedback and this is half the battle. Most contact centres also have limited understanding of how these channels fit into the customer journey, whether they are fit for purpose, or how they relate to one other.

To find out exactly why contact centres are struggling to make the most out of multichannel, and how to ensure your multichannel strategy will have a sustained impact on customer satisfaction, read the full Multichannel Maze report.


Jaime Scott

Jaime Scott

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jaime leads EvaluAgent in delivering people-focused software and services to our customers. After almost twenty years directing customer experience and workforce engagement programmes for some of the UK’s biggest brands, including EE, Barclays and M&S, Jaime’s mission is to make things easier for call centres to deliver a truly great customer experience.

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Measuring success in the multichannel contact centre

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