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The secret to a happy and motivated call centre

Call centres are going through a considerably challenging period. Agent attrition is on the rise, a 2011 study cites the employee churn in the industry that year at 26%, and since has been reaching levels of up to 30%. So how do you get a motivated call centre when facing challenges like this?

Not only are call centres struggling with retaining their talent, but a key problem is creating engagement and happiness amongst the agents who do stick around. Another recent Gallup poll puts the cost of disengagement at £1,548 per disengaged employee per year - quite the sum if you’re dealing with agents in an industry where apathy is rife.

Perks and bonuses are only a quick fix

So what can we do to ensure we create a happy and motivated call centre where agents enjoy their roles, perform well, and stay with the organisation? A lot of those in the industry think a happy call centre is one where the decor is modern, shiny, filled with colourful bean bags in something like a ‘break out area’. Perhaps some think an array of perks and bonuses keep agents grinning all day long - the more cynical amongst us resign to the simple notion is that a better salary keeps staff around.

Motivated Call Centre Cartoon

Here at a EvaluAgent, we’ve seen call centres in all their shapes, sizes and flavours. No matter how many shiny bonuses and add-ons there are, we’ve never seen a happy call centre with low attrition that fails to address the core nature of the work agents have to tackle every day.

Transform your call centre culture

The simple reality is that in order to stop churn and improve the customer experience, it means taking a step back and addressing the culture in your organisation. The only effective way to make your call centre a happy one is not by giving agents free gym passes, but by giving them the support and empowerment they need to do their job well, and enjoy themselves in the process.

Want to create a motivated call centre?

The key here is engagement. Engaged agents are enthused to be at work, drive their own performance improvement, and do their best to delight your customers. How engaged are your agents? Do you know what makes them truly happy? If you want to find out, check out our handy guide ‘The Manager’s Handbook to Agent Happiness’.

Agent Happiness Guide

Reg Dutton

Reg Dutton

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With over 15 years managing sales and customer service teams with the likes of O2 and Capita, Reg uses his detailed knowledge of the contact centre to help EvaluAgent and its clients to discover their real potential.

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Agent Empowerment

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