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Why technology won't solve your contact centre challenges

As a technology vendor I was wryly amused to see a piece of marketing collateral from a very highly-respected vendor the other day asserting that ‘recent studies have demonstrated a positive relationship between the implementation of advanced technology in contact centres and increased customer satisfaction’.

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Or like me, do you find yourself thinking, ‘If only it were that simple’? There is a common misconception that correlation equals cause. If you look for it hard enough correlation can be found almost anywhere, as statistician Tyler Vigen aptly demonstrates on his site Spurious Correlations. This is why it’s important to balance your contact centre data with a people oriented approach to really get a true sense of the customer perspective.

To be fair, I think that there probably is a strong correlation between companies offering superior customer experience and intelligent use of contact centre technology.

However in my experience the organisations that understand that technology is there to serve your agents rather than the other way round are those that are really leading the industry – and I have no doubt that their customer satisfaction statistics will reflect that. Technology doesn’t simply have to be a tool it can be used to drive engagement with agents through gamification. With gamification you can convert your existing activity and data into points and rewards and use those to motivate and incentivise call centre agents, boosting morale, performance and ultimately benefits customer experience and satisfaction.

That is why we have developed the concept of the people’s contact centre, a mutually beneficial way of working which brings together the needs of staff and customers to drive results and satisfaction. Be sure to download our gamification white paper to find out more.

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Jaime Scott

Jaime Scott

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jaime leads EvaluAgent in delivering people-focused software and services to our customers. After almost twenty years directing customer experience and workforce engagement programmes for some of the UK’s biggest brands, including EE, Barclays and M&S, Jaime’s mission is to make things easier for call centres to deliver a truly great customer experience.


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