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Three Golden Rules to Supercharge Agent Training

The contact centre can often feel like it’s non-stop even on the good days, fitting everything into your schedule seems more like a magic act than feasible but you somehow get it done. We know time is precious, but one crucial thing that often goes overlooked in times of haste is agent training.


Although it might feel like you can get away with missing one or two sessions, agent training is one of the key ingredients to a truly successful call centre. Here are three golden rules to make sure you can find the time to train agents and make the sessions as effective as possible.

Stick to the plan

There’s nothing like a specific, and detailed training plan to help you make the most out of every single training session. Try to work backwards - think about what you want your agents to achieve at the end of your training session and plan with this in mind.

Make sure you’ve got the majority of your agent’s key skills covered off with a number of detailed training sessions. Create a schedule or training calendar based on these and share with your agents well in advance - the more detailed a plan is, the easier it is to stick to.

Tap into your existing talent

Training is all about bringing out the best in your agents, but some of them are already well ahead of the curve. One idea is to ask some of your high performers to run your team through what they’re good at and how the achieve it - they’ll feel engaged and will add to their personal development as well as providing know-how to the team.

Also try creating a buddy programme - getting agents to share their knowledge and work more closely as a team is always a surefire way to improve skills across the board.

Stop thinking of training as a formal process

Training sessions are massively important and carrying them out is key, but the most important thing in regards to agent training is recognising that training happens every day. Use things like real-time quality monitoring to discover what opportunities you have to provide a little course correction with your teams. You’ll be able to easily identify which agents need which skills developing, and make sure your coaching sessions are planned to reflect this.

Being able to give feedback and guidance consistently and at every possible opportunity is what allows agents to really grow and deliver a great customer experience.

For more tips and tricks on how to keep your agents switched on at work, make sure you check out our guide, The Six Golden Rules of Agent Engagement.

Chris Keelan

Chris Keelan

Client Relationship Manager

After 15 years leading frontline customer service teams for some of the UK's biggest brands and BPOs, and now brings his expertise to EvaluAgent. Chris has a detailed knowledge of the contact centre, with a real passion in helping contact centres to deliver an excellent customer experience through empowering their teams.


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