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Why contact centres are failing when it comes to tracking newer channels

In a previous blog we shared some findings from our recent report Are your customers lost in the multichannel maze? that revealed that while adoption of newer channels is widespread, the industry doesn't fare well when it comes to tracking performance metrics.

Why is this a problem?  Simply because given the high volumes of contacts that digital channels are generating, brands will face significant risk to their reputation if they fail to monitor how they are performing and what their customers think of their service.

While the industry is boasting about adopting using new channels to replace traditional telephone call volumes, just 27% of organisations are tracking performance metrics on social media and only 18% on chat. Figures that are worryingly low for two highly visible and sometimes volatile contact channels.

SMS fares even worse, although it’s offered by almost half of the organisations we spoke to, only 8% of those organisations are tracking customer feedback on it and only 14% are tracking performance metrics.


A problem that’s not going to go away

The problem starts early with the introduction of newer channels. Yes customers demand them and yes your contact centre needs to offer them, not to stay ahead of the curve but to simply stay in the running against competitors. This realisations throws organisations into panic mode resulting in new channels being introduced with no real understanding of how these will integrate with existing channels or how they’ll meet customers’ expectations.

The only way to make multiple channels work in your contact centre is to track customers interactions across each channel and use this information to improve experience across all of them because a multichannel strategy without a coherent and integrated set of metrics and feedback mean a chaotic and uncontrolled experience.

Unless the industry addresses this problem newer channels are only going to compound their poor reputation for delivering customer service and operational costs will spiral still further out of control. And ultimately this failure will lead to higher contact volumes from even more frustrated customers.

Read our multichannel maze report or contact us to find out more about how you can track newer channels in your contact centre.

Michelle Dinsmore

Michelle Dinsmore

Client Director

Michelle has an unwavering passion for helping call centres place the customer at the heart of their business. Using insights from almost two decades in customer experience direction and operations management, Michelle creates and nurtures meaningful relationships with our customers, ensuring EvaluAgent never fails to deliver what they need.

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