Our Values

These are the beliefs, values and practices that shape our company and the services we deliver

The EvaluAgent Culture Code

Creating a company we’re proud of with five simple principles

The EvaluAgent Culture Code is a way to define who we are, and who we want to be. For our employees, it’s a handbook. For our customers, it’s an insight into what we believe truly matters.

These are the five principles that make up the EvaluAgent Culture Code.

1. Our people come first

Clients and employees are always considered first. Without them, we have no business.

We’ve shaped our software and services to enable our clients to put the customer first and champion employee engagement. We believe these elements are not only responsible for the success of any call centre, but also our own business.

We keep the needs of our customers and wellbeing of our employees at the heart of every decision we make.

2. We recruit people who share our values

Skills and knowledge are important, but not when they have a negative impact on culture.

The culture of our company doesn’t result from a mission statement made by the leadership team. It’s defined by the attitudes and efforts of each and every employee. Finding people who share our values is crucial to our success.

We ensure every new hire we make has the potential to sustain and build on what we believe matters.

3. Simply be useful

Every action is undertaken with the intention of a useful and obvious result

We believe the greatest ideas are the simplest. Our teams solve problems proactively and our software doesn’t contain useless and shiny features.

We make sure every ounce of effort goes toward something meaningful for our employees and customers.

4. Be missed

We strive to do work that matters and will be missed when gone

Once in a while, something comes along we can’t believe we ever survived without. We ensure the software and services we provide are of utmost value to our customers and enable them to engage their employees like never before.

We want our customers to forget what it was like before they met us.

5. Proud of product

We develop technology and services we’re proud to tell our family and friends about.

As a team of customer experience and call centre operations experts, we know just how cumbersome and ugly call centre management software can be. That’s why we ensure everything we do is something we’d be more than happy to put each of our names on.

When people ask us what we do, we’re proud to be able to tell them that we make call centres home to great customer experience.

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