The EvaluAgent Workforce Engagement Management Platform

A new model for a new era

Proven to increase engagement, we have drawn upon the very latest psychological techniques in order to introduce a new way for contact centres to motivate; a model that revolves around three elements:

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

How to increase employee engagement

The key to a more productive, more capable contact centre is an engaged workforce. EvaluAgent’s platform is built around this; through Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

  • Autonomy: People want more control so that they can direct their own lives
  • Mastery: People are driven to get better at something that matters to them
  • Purpose: People are eager to direct their efforts in the service of something larger than themselves

How the EvaluAgent WEM platform improves the customer experience

EvaluAgent WEM is the first solution to bring all the necessary elements together into a single platform. It combines a range of software tools, which collectively will help you to: capture service feedback, support agent action and ultimately improve the customer experience.

It collects both internal and external data across all interactions, and then provides agents and team leaders with access to timely, relevant and actionable information.

The benefits will be seen through a reduction in absenteeism, lower churn, increased motivation and higher productivity. Most importantly, it delivers a superior customer experience.

An easy-to-use, cloud-based Workforce Engagement Management platform built specifically for contact centres


Workforce Management

The system enables (and approves) an agent to self-select work patterns or shifts and swap with colleagues, without management approval.

Performance Management

Designed to show performance in real time, our dashboards can display a range of metrics, (e.g. Customer Satisfaction, Quality, AHT, FCR), then reveal the relevant insights quickly and easily.

Team Communications

Bring all your team communications together into a single place, with the benefits of real-time messaging, archiving and search functionality.



An invaluable source of relevant courses is available online and can be updated at any given time. On completion the learner can generate points to further reward and motivate.


Our platform enables you to gather together the feedback from multiple sources, and then schedule sessions for coaching based on identified areas for improvement.

Knowledge Management

A wiki-style resource provides access to a wide variety of publications, documenting the areas such as best practice models, the latest business processes and a wide range of ‘how to’ guides.



Gamification provides agents with countless opportunities to display their resourcefulness and initiative, and has been proven to motivate them to resolve complex and sensitive queries that can make or break customer relationships.

CX Insight

Our WEM platform also gives you access to insight and detailed feedback from customer interactions. Experienced support managers can help leverage this data to create bespoke recomendations.


Business Data

Provides you with the ability to integrate data from other systems into our platform, in order to display data in the dashboard and to generate points for Gamification.

Quality monitoring

Provides a single, detailed and accurate view of agent performance across every channel. It allows you to identify opportunities for improvement, and coach agents with both customer and compliance in mind.

Voice of the employee

Engage employees and drive momentum for positive change using monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or continuous micro-surveys.



Our multi-channel customer survey and analytics platform allows you to generate actionable insight across every contact channel.

First-Contact Resolution

To add to our platform’s functionality, you also have the potential to use FCR data as an entry into Gamification, enabling you to award points and increase the motivation to improve the performance of this important metric.

Proven track record

EvaluAgent delivers real results to global brands

Our Workforce Engagement Management platform is actively used by some of the world's biggest contact centres. To find out exactly how we're helping them engage and motivate their staff, take a look at our case studies.

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Get more than just workforce optimisation software

Ongoing support to ensure maximum engagement at no extra cost

Dedicated Support Manager

We’ll help you make the most out of EvaluAgent with your own dedicated Support Manager. We provide a personalised onboarding and rollout plan to help you get started in no time, and ongoing support once you’re up and running

24/7 Helpdesk

Whether you need assistance using the software or have a few questions about how to engage your agents, our expert team is at hand. Simply get in touch at any time using our online helpdesk.

Resource Library

Our library of helpful user guides, playbooks and other resources means you’re always updated with the latest in Workforce Engagement. We provide you with all the management hints and tips you need in order to create a motivated call centre.

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What our clients say

“I was surprised by how wide ranging the impact of EvaluAgent was - I used to think gamification was just another corporate buzzword. In reality it helped change the service desk culture from day one.”

Chris Roberts

Team Leader CSC
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