Call Centre Gamification

Increase engagement and productivity with the first reward and recognition platform designed specifically for call centres

Motivate the behaviours that create great customer experiences

Typical Workforce Optimisation software solutions promote efficiency at the expense of employee morale. This doesn't need to be the case.

As part of our Workforce Engagement solution, EvaluAgent Gamification uses game mechanics to simultaneously motivate your agents, maintain efficiency and deliver a great customer experience.

Supercharge agent performance

Make everyday work engaging

Whether it’s closing a case, or meeting specific targets - define the outcomes you want to encourage, and choose the rewards for achieving them. EvaluAgent Call Centre Gamification uses proven game mechanics like points, badges and levels to drive performance and maintain consistency across teams.

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Create a call centre that works together

Build a community with social recognition

Agents see exactly how colleagues and team members are performing - whether they’ve achieved badges, reached new levels or won challenges, every accomplishment is updated on the Newsfeed. The ability to interact with other agents and ‘like’ updates creates a powerful culture of social recognition that promotes genuine motivation and boosts performance.

Unlock the power of a competitive call centre

Encourage healthy competition

Agents and Team Leaders have the ability to create challenges between colleagues and teams. A little competition quickly leads to a call centre environment where best practice is shared and peer support comes naturally.

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Use incentives that really work

Transform the way you reward your agents

Empower your agents to choose how they’re rewarded for outstanding performance. Points earned in EvaluAgent Gamification can be used to bid on a range of prizes that you choose. Auctions can be set up in minutes - creating powerful and dynamic incentives with minimum effort.

Get more than just software

Ongoing support to ensure maximum engagement at no extra cost

Dedicated Support Manager

We’ll help you make the most out of EvaluAgent with your own dedicated Support Manager. We provide a personalised onboarding and rollout plan to help you get started in no time, and ongoing support once you’re up and running

24/7 Helpdesk

Whether you need assistance using the software or have a few questions about how to engage your agents, our expert team is at hand. Simply get in touch at any time using our online helpdesk.

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Resource Library

Our library of helpful user guides, playbooks and other resources means you’re always updated with the latest in Workforce Engagement. We provide you with all the management hints and tips you need in order to create a motivated call centre.

Simple, smart & easy

A fresh approach to enterprise call centre software

Cloud-based platform

No additional hardware or software is required. EvaluAgent is based entirely in the cloud which means implementation is quick and easy, and users only need a web browser to access.

Works effortlessly on any device

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a laptop, tablet or mobile, our software is compatible with any device. Users can log-in from home or on-the-go, any time they like.

Simple and transparent pricing

There’s no big upfront investment, simply pay a quarterly fee on what you use with no additional surprise costs.

Seamless integration with your existing technology

No need for painful and clunky integration. Our platform integrates seamlessly with the software and technology you’re currently using.

How gamification helps

Engagement at every level in the call centre

Call centre agents

Empower your agents to actively own and improve their performance

Motivating agents to go above and beyond can be tricky. Equip agents with all the tools and support they need to take their performance and development into their own hands. EvaluAgent Gamification allows agents to:

  • Track and monitor their own performance
  • Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Understand how they influence the entire call centre
  • Have fun whilst meeting performance targets

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Call centre Team Leaders

Give Team Leaders the ability to focus on motivating and developing their teams

Team Leaders are the vital link between your agents and the rest of the business. Ensure they have every opportunity to truly engage, motivate and empower their teams. EvaluAgent Gamification means Team Leaders can:

  • Maintain consistent team performance
  • Keep motivation techniques fresh and effective
  • Focus on agents who need coaching
  • Reduce attrition and tackle absenteeism

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Call centre managers

Enable managers to lead thriving, happy and motivated teams that deliver significant value to the business

Finding the balance between cost, efficiency and engagement in the call centre is a real challenge. Give managers the ability to create a call centre where targets are met, and employees are happy. EvaluAgent Gamification allows Managers to:

  • Consistently meet departmental performance targets
  • Easily implement creative ways to engage all staff
  • Instil a culture of collaboration
  • Increase staff productivity and improve customer experience

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Get better at motivating and engaging your staff

Check out our latest guides and resources


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What our clients say

“I was surprised by how wide ranging the impact of EvaluAgent was - I used to think gamification was just another corporate buzzword. In reality it helped change the service desk culture from day one.”

Chris Roberts

Team Leader CSC
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