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Reduce costs. Delight customers. Sell more. Introducing the first Workforce Engagement platform for Contact Centres

The need to engage

In today’s digital age, self-service channels are used to make purchases and resolve common issues.

This means operations staff deal with increasingly complex and sensitive queries that make or break customer relationships. This requires new thinking and new tools.

From optimisation to engagement

With increased complexity and no let up in day-to-day drudgery, Workforce Optimisation solutions are not enough to engage and support staff.

EvaluAgent Workforce Engagement extends investment in Workforce Optimisation creating an employee-centric view of operational performance with easy-to-understand dashboards, gamification, rewards and social features that introduce fun to the contact centre.

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Own it!

Agents feel like a valued member of the team and own their performance.

Team leaders avoid hours wasted managing spreadsheets and concentrate on coaching.

Managers understand business-wide operational performance and quickly identify areas for intervention.

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Engagement at every level

Call centre agents

Serious fun for performance improvement

Agents struggle to make sense of operational metrics. They're often untimely, confusing and irrelevant. Without a simple way to review KPI’s, agents don’t fully understand their actions or performance.

EvaluAgent uses gamification, reward and social features to present data in a simple and engaging way that leads to better service and sales outcomes.

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Call centre team leaders

Less time with spreadsheets, more time with the team

Team leaders spend hours in front of spreadsheets, manually managing operational data that often produces more headaches than useful insight.

EvaluAgent lets team leaders quickly understand and compare team performance and motivate team members through gamification and an impartial reward and recognition system that works.

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Call centre managers

Hard data, not intuition to track business goals

Fragmented data means managers struggle to identify problems and solutions. Too often, faulty intuition is the fallback used to make important decisions.

EvaluAgent presents the most important call centre metrics in one place and allows managers to quickly identify areas of performance that need attention.

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Get better at motivating and engaging your staff

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Find out how gamification could help boost the morale of your agents, increase the efficiency of your contact centre, and improve the all-round experience of your customers.

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What our clients say

“I was surprised by how wide ranging the impact of EvaluAgent was - I used to think gamification was just another corporate buzzword. In reality it helped change the service desk culture from day one.”

Chris Roberts

Team Leader CSC
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