Call Centre Performance Management

Turn confusing operational data into insight you can act on

Help call centre agents own their performance

Call centres need to deliver an efficient and customer-focused service - but this becomes impossible when frontline staff struggle to relate to performance metrics.

EvaluAgent automatically gathers and transforms operational data into simple information your teams can easily use to improve the way they work.

Call centre dashboards that just work

Ditch the spreadsheets & confusing call centre reports

Automatic data integration

EvaluAgent Performance effortlessly gathers data from existing systems in your call centre

Easy-to-use dashboards

Provide information that’s accessible, timely and relevant to staff at each level of your organisation

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Actionable insight

Pinpoint the greatest strengths and weaknesses of your operation, so you can address them effectively

For call centre managers

An instant overview of business performance you can act on

The volume and range of information managers deal with can be overwhelming, and getting hold of the data is a challenge in itself.

EvaluAgent Performance presents the most important call centre metrics in one place, and allows managers to delve deeper and identify areas of performance that need attention.

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For team leaders

Less time with spreadsheets, more time with your team

Call centre team leaders spend hours in front of spreadsheets, manually managing call centre performance data - an outdated and inefficient process no one enjoys.

EvaluAgent automatically gathers and presents data so team leaders can view and share useful insights with their teams. Team leaders develop a true understanding of performance, and can spend more time effectively coaching agents who need support.

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For call centre agents

An easy-to-understand view of performance that drives self-improvement

Call centre agents struggle to understand traditional operational metrics and can find them confusing, irrelevant and inaccessible - negatively impacting performance.

EvaluAgent Performance uses gamification and social media features to motivate agents by presenting them with data they can relate to and use to improve their peformance.

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Get more than just software

Ongoing support to ensure maximum engagement at no extra cost

Dedicated Support Manager

We’ll help you make the most out of EvaluAgent with your own dedicated Support Manager. We provide a personalised onboarding and rollout plan to help you get started in no time, and ongoing support once you’re up and running

24/7 Helpdesk

Whether you need assistance using the software or have a few questions about how to engage your agents, our expert team is at hand. Simply get in touch at any time using our online helpdesk.

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Resource Library

Our library of helpful user guides, playbooks and other resources means you’re always updated with the latest in Workforce Engagement. We provide you with all the management hints and tips you need in order to create a motivated call centre.

Simple, smart & easy

A fresh approach to enterprise call centre software

Cloud-based platform

No additional hardware or software is required. EvaluAgent is based entirely in the cloud which means implementation is quick and easy, and users only need a web browser to access.

Works effortlessly on any device

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a laptop, tablet or mobile, our software is compatible with any device. Users can log-in from home or on-the-go, any time they like.

Simple and transparent pricing

There’s no big upfront investment, simply pay a quarterly fee on what you use with no additional surprise costs.

Seamless integration with your existing technology

No need for painful and clunky integration. Our platform integrates seamlessly with the software and technology you’re currently using.

Make call centre performance data work for you

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What our clients say

EvaluAgent has taken out the labour intensive processes involved in quality monitoring and injected an interactive, responsive and informative solution that allows us to face challenges head on.

Sarah Uddin

Customer Services Manager MHS Homes
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