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Never underestimate the power of listening

Never underestimate the power of listening

This simple, yet invaluable message is all too often lost in the frenetic environment of a call centre. Yet without listening, how can you connect with customers, gain trust, build empathy and ultimately discover the issues that your customers really want to talk about?

Despite the clear value that an effective customer survey and insight solution brings, many call centres still fail to implement the tools necessary to determine exactly what customers think about their services.

So we reached out to the call centre industry and asked them why?

What we heard was that many call centres cited the expense and commercial inflexibility, some expressed their fear of disruption to the smooth running of their operations, others admitted they were using outdated systems that weren’t fully integrated and as a result simply not fit for purpose.

This crucial insight led directly to the development and creation of EvaluAgent Surveys & Insight.

Our solution has been designed with flexibility at its core: highly effective at driving up both the quantity and quality of responses, yet costing less than half the cost of other solutions; comprehensive and versatile, yet easy to implement with minimum disruption to your operations; proven to increase customer loyalty, yet effective at driving down costs.

Thanks to EvaluAgent Surveys & Insight, it’s no longer a question of whether you can afford to listen to your customers, now it’s whether you can afford not to.

The benefits

  • Designed to deliver actionable insight that helps reduce costs, while increasing customer loyalty
  • Half the price of other solutions
  • Easy to implement with minimal or no disruption to your operations
  • Delivers survey response rates as high as 55% with over a third of responses containing rich customer commentary
  • Covers all major survey channels including: telephone/email/web/mobile/SMS
  • Responds quickly in order to recover ‘at risk’ customer relationships
  • Real-time overview of customer feedback through intuitive and user-friendly dashboards which provide actionable insight
  • Inspire customers to respond and interact through timely and personalised survey offers
  • Continual improvement in services driven by agent incentives
  • Tailored surveys to reflect your brand image and values
  • Created by experts with years of experience in the call centre sector

Features at a glance

EvaluAgent Surveys & Insight has been designed to offer a versatile solution that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your call centre exactly.

Whatever combination of elements you choose, you will automatically receive the services of a dedicated insight manager, a 24/7 helpdesk and a comprehensive library of resources to help and guide you at every stage.

Choose the survey channels that meet your needs

Because different channels support slightly different objectives, our solution has been designed to support multiple survey channels: IVR surveys enable you to hear the ‘voice of your customers’; email & web surveys can be used to collect more targeted feedback and can reach your customers anywhere anytime; SMS surveys allow you to unobtrusively monitor the ‘pulse’ of your customers.

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Decide which deployment option is right for you

Agent-deployed surveys. These can be set up in a single day, with no need for technical integration. The result is a personal offer of a survey that is completed immediately after the service call, which maximises the quality and quantity of customer feedback.

Auto-deployed surveys. Removes the tendency for your agents to ’cherry-pick’ the calls to be surveyed. Automatically deploying surveys requires timely exports of your telephony or CRM systems, as a result they can add a higher level of internal technical effort, cost and complexity.

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Fully engage both customers and agents through gamification and personalisation

With game mechanics central to the feedback process, it greatly increases agent engagement and motivates higher levels of performance. Furthermore, the personalisation of survey offers via personalised IVR messaging and short agent bios in emails, ensures that customers make a stronger connection with the survey process and are more inclined to respond and leave constructive feedback.

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Quickly recover at-risk customer relationships

We provide you with the tools you need to repair, strengthen and recover customer relationships; quickly and efficiently.

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Clear real-time operational insight

Agents better appreciate how their behaviours and call-handling skills are impacting customers when they are given direct real-time access to their own customer feedback. As a result, we have created intuitive departmental and team-level dashboards that deliver actionable insight. These help your managers and team leaders to instantly identify the top and bottom performers, in order to help focus praise, feedback and coaching interventions.

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Clear far-reaching insight for the business

Feedback is automatically tagged to specific channels, processes, contact-drivers and customer outcomes. This helps you to transform customer feedback into actionable insight, enabling your business analysts and change teams to discover and address the root cause of customer dissatisfaction.

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Want to truly understand what your customers think?

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What our clients say

“With Evaluagent our voice of the customer programme is able to inform operational improvements and our relationship with our customers at an overarching level.”

Colin Ross

Head of Telephone Operations NS&I
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