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Get a clear picture of quality across your call centre and use it to drive agent performance

Make no mistake, using Excel to manage contact centre quality has had its day.

The problem with Excel spreadsheets (and there are many) is that they simply aren’t up to the task of managing a quality process. Relying on them leads to:

  • Inadequate reporting that’s either difficult to understand or misses key detail

  • Delayed feedback leading to a loss of context and learning opportunities

  • The need for further manipulation before they can be understood by agents

The fact is that they were never really up to the task they were designated for, they were simply the best solution available.

Now there’s an up-to-date alternative for contact centres of all sizes

EvaluAgent Quality is a cloud-based contact centre solution that allows users to score customer service interactions, quickly review and suggest improvements to agent performance, and produce detailed operational reports; all from one place.

It saves time.

It saves money.

It helps agents to learn and improve.

It frees you up to focus on more important issues and responsibilities.

It provides an easy-to-understand, universal view of quality.

It improves your customers' experience.

EvaluAgent Quality

It’s a cloud-based, dedicated contact centre quality monitoring platform that empowers you to:

Create bespoke scorecards or use our best practice library

Accurately score performance across every channel, enabling you to deliver a clear and complete picture of quality throughout a department or organisation.

Quickly review agent performance

Intuitive dashboards and reporting allows team leaders and quality analysts to monitor agent performance and deliver real-time feedback to the front-line.

Produce advanced operational reports

With EvaluAgent, you can produce detailed operational reports that everyone can understand and act on.

Monitor compliance and regulatory requirements

Instantly identify and resolve compliance breaches, prioritised by risk.

All from a single, intuitive platform and all without having to refer to a spreadsheet ever again.

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Get a clear picture of quality across your contact centre and use it to drive agent performance

You can now evaluate interactions in a way that reveals how your agents are really performing across every channel, identify opportunities for improvement, and coach agents with both customer and compliance in mind.

Whether you measure quality to meet regulatory compliance or simply to ensure customers receive the best possible service, EvaluAgent Quality will provide you with everything you need.

And for added peace of mind, ongoing consultancy and coaching expertise is included, so you can ensure you’re measuring and improving the things that really matter.

A best-of-breed solution with a comprehensive list of features:

  • Intuitive performance dashboards allow you to quickly access and understand operational, team and agent performance at a glance

  • Advanced online reporting delivers actionable insight for business improvement, with no need to export back into Excel spreadsheets to create reports

  • Design and build as many scorecards as you require, with help from the score card templates stored in our best-practice library

  • Receive direct feedback in real time to maximise learning opportunities and continually improve service levels

  • Instantly identify and resolve any breaches of compliance, all prioritised according to severity

  • Calibration of scores submitted by quality analysts help to ensure consistency at all times

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What our clients say

EvaluAgent has taken out the labour intensive processes involved in quality monitoring and injected an interactive, responsive and informative solution that allows us to face challenges head on.

Sarah Uddin

Customer Services Manager MHS Homes
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